Frequently asked questions for this Ionic 4 Starter App

What do I get when I buy this Ionic template?

You will get a zip file with all the source code including Javascript, css and scss, and html files.

What you will get is all the source code of the ionic template ready to be used. This way we make sure you can customize as much as you need.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the template?

If the template does not meet with your expectations, you have 60 days from the date of purchase to ask for a refund by contacting us at contact@ionicthemes.com.

In the event that you wish to receive a refund, IonicThemes will issue you a full refund and ask you to specify how the product failed to live up to expectations.

What's the difference between Regular and Extended Licenses?

You can learn more about licensing in https://faqs.ionicthemes.com/licenses#whats-the-difference-between-regular-and-extended-licenses

Do I get free updates when I purchase the template?

We provide free updates for bug fixes and when there are breaking changes or new versions on Ionic Framework with minor changes. Also for refactors, code improvements and minor new features.

However, when we release a new version with major new features, you will need to pay for it. However, if buyers from previous versions want to upgrade, they will get the possibility to do it by just paying the difference between their version and the new version.

Do you offer support?

We offer support for errors and bugs pertaining to the templates.

We offer no support for customization or administration of the templates.

We are also happy to walk customers through the template structure and answer any support queries in that regard.

For support please send us an email to contact@ionicthemes.com or post an issue in https://github.com/ionicthemes/ionic4-full-starter-app/issues

Can I use Cordova plugins in PWAs?

I know PWAs might be confusing at first as it may not be very clear what you can / can’t use in a browser target compared to native target (iOS, Android).

PWAs can’t access native plugins unless they have a web API that expose them. You can check this detailed list of what can be done in the web platform today.

Most cordova plugins are only meant to be used in native platforms (iOS, Android), but some DO support the browser platform and thus you can use them in the browser (PWAs).

One example is the @ionic-native/google-maps and cordova-plugin-googlemaps.

Committing code

To ensure code quality, we follow and enforce the Angular Commit Message Guidelines. These guidelines define a Commit Message Format and certain rules that will help teams achieve consistency with version control and source code management practices.

If you want to follow this practices please go to the template README.md to see the suggested guidelines.

If you don't want to use this, please delete the file:.huskyrc.json

Debugging the app

There are mostly four most popular ways to test your app as you develop. You can test your app using: a desktop webkit browser, a mobile browser on your phone, iOS or Android emulators, or as a native app on your device.

Learn how to do each of them on this How to debug an Ionic App tutorial.

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