Running the app
Learn how to run this ionic 5 app.

How to run this app?

After you have correctly set up your development environment, you are ready to start building and testing your Ionic app.
There are a number of ways to run an Ionic app, however, it's recommended to start running it in the browser. To develop and test ionic apps on devices and emulators, see the Running an App Guide.

In the Browser

The majority of Ionic app development can be spent right in the browser using the ionic serve command:
$ cd myApp
$ ionic serve
running ionic serve
This will open a local development server on your browser.
To see your app as a mobile app, you need to open your browser's inspector and then toggle the device mode. To do this just right click on your browser and click Inspect. Check this guide to learn how to do it in Chrome.

In iOS

In Android

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